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Blue Xmas Mini

Blue Xmas Mini

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It's Christmas in Aspen, the champs is flowing and everyone is gathered around the fluffy blue spruce tree - are you coming? This essential seasonal holiday fragrance is timeless with a sexy masculine twist. Excellent choice for men's spaces, social and office gatherings, living rooms and men's gifting.

Our hand crafted artisan candles are poured in one dozen batches at a time to preserve quality. Scent blending, wicks, pouring, labels, and crystal tops are all done by hand.

aroma notes: fresh cut spruce, sparkling champagne, fir tree, snow topped balsam, bergamot

What you need to know:

Each candle contains a large raw crystal

Our wooden wick candles are made from a sustainable vegan blend of coconut, palm, and soy wax.

All fragrance oils used are 100% toxin, carcinogen + allergen free.

40hr burn | Natural variations may occur

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