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Christmas Eve Mini

Christmas Eve Mini

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Fill your space with fresh cranberries, bright + juicy currants and warm clove this merry holiday season! Crisp mountain pine shines through the top as festive Christmas Fir rounds out this magical fragrance. Perfect for gatherings, gifting, and of course...on Christmas Eve!

Our hand crafted artisan candles are poured in one dozen batches at a time to preserve quality. Scent blending, wicks, pouring, labels, and crystal tops are all done by hand.

aroma notes: fresh cranberry, red currants, holiday clove, mountain crisp pine, christmas fir

What you need to know:

Each candle contains a large raw crystal

Our wooden wick candles are made from a sustainable vegan blend of coconut, palm, and soy wax.

All fragrance oils used are 100% toxin, carcinogen + allergen free.

40hr burn | Natural variations may occur


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