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Anxious Aroma

High Anxiety Soy Wax Melts

High Anxiety Soy Wax Melts

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Feeling wound up? Anxiety so high you feel like you could bust?. Anxiety's worst nightmare is here to save the day and her heart is as cold as ice. Piercing artic winds, snowy pines and crystal clean Nordic water join with freshly crisp eucalyptus and ice tingling peppermint. High Anxiety is packed with ultra relaxing + soul soothing aromas that can be enjoyed all year around. Enjoy this in wellness areas/spas, bedrooms and bathrooms. 

Our hand crafted artisan candles are poured in one dozen batches at a time to preserve quality. Scent blending, wicks, pouring, labels, and crystal tops are all done by hand.

aroma notes: artic winds, snowy pines, nordic waters, crisp eucalyptus, iced peppermint

What you need to know:

Our wax melts are made from sustainable, vegan soy wax and are poured in a convenient 6-cavity plastic clamshell

All fragrance oils used are 100% toxin, carcinogen + allergen free.

80hr burn | Natural variations will occur


our products are made with vegan + sustainable coconut apricot wax, wooden wicks, toxin-free, allergen frendly clean fragrance oils

Shipping & Returns

please allow 1-3 days for payment processing. your order will ship via your choice of shipment method 5-7 business days after your banks payment has processed.

we do not accept returns. we offer store credit in the event you are unhappy with your purchase.

Care Instructions

please always trim the chared piece of wick, and allow full melt pool with each use to prevent candle tunneling or sooting.

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